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BoZhong (Shandong) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. | Part of the Atlas Copco Group


Address: No.50# YiDa Road, NanDing Town, Economic Development Zone, ZiBo, ShanDong, China

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About us

Bozhong (Shandong) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., established on September 26. 2022. is a professional manufacturer of vacuum pumps, vacuum pump units and MVR evaporation systems, which belongs to the Industrial Vacuum Business Department of Atlas Copco Group. The products are mainly used in various fields such as pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. The company has strong practical application capabilities, with the goal of protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development, and achieving excellent operations. The company is located in the Economic Development Zone of Zibo City, Shandong Province, with a total investment of 200 million yuan. It is planned to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2023. The company covers a total area of 26123 square meters, with a factory building of 16000 square meters. It has an annual processing capacity of 1000 vacuum units/set, 1000 vacuum pumps, 500 vacuum closed-loop systems, and 500 vacuum complete sets of equipment.

Atlas Copco Group is a global industrial conglomerate with a history of 150 years, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It has nearly 43000 employees from over 70 countries and regions, with customers in over 180 countries and regions worldwide. The operating revenue in 2021 was 11 billion euros. The four major business areas of the group include compressor technology business; Vacuum technology business field; Industrial technology business field; Power technology business field; Bozhong (Shandong) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is affiliated with the group's vacuum technology business field.